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The Addams Family Instruction Booklet

--[Back of Cover]-------------------------------------------------------------

This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo has approved the quality ofthis product. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories withyour Game Boy System.


------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CAUTIONS DURING USE

1) If you play for long periods, take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour or so.

2) This equipment is precision-built. Do not use or store it under conditions of extreme temperature, or subject it to rough handling or shock. Do not disassemble the unit.

3) Do not touch the connectors or let them come into contact with water, as this may cause malfunction.

4) Do not wipe this equipment with volatile solvents such as thinner, benzene or alcohol. 5) Store the Game Pak in its protective case when not in use.

--[Page 1]--------------------------------------------------------------------

CREEPY, KOOKY, OOKY, SPOOKY.THE ADDAMS FAMILY has been evicted! To save their home from Tully Alford, thefamily attorney, who is after the family fortune - Morticia, Lurch, Granny,Pugsley and Wednesday have gone to the house to reason with him. But whenGomez arrives, his family is missing!As Gomez, you must save your loved ones, your home and your loads of wealth.You'll have to watch out for scary obstacles like falling spikes, frighteningmonsters and ghosts, and you'll need to look for clues as you search for yourfamily.Get a move on... 'cause you're gonna make a call on THE ADDAMS FAMILY!

--[Page 2]--------------------------------------------------------------------


1) Make sure that your Game Boy is turned off.

2) Insert THE ADDAMS FAMILY Game Pak into the cartridge slot.

3) Turn on the Game Boy.

4) After the copyright notice appears, press START to begin the game.

--[Page 3]--------------------------------------------------------------------


[Picture of Game Boy] START: Press START to begin play. Pressing START during play will pause the game; press again to resume play. SELECT: Press SELECT to change item during play (if you have collected any)

.--[Page 4]--------------------------------------------------------------------


BUTTON B: Activates/Fires item currently in use. When swimming, use BUTTON B to breathe and to increase oxygen.

CONTROL PAD UP: Enter doors/Swim up.

CONTROL PAD DOWN: Duck/Descend stairs (indicated by diagonal downward arrow).

CONTROL PAD LEFT/RIGHT: Walk left/right, swim left/right.


DOWN AND BUTTON B: Scroll screen downward to look below

.--[Page 5]--------------------------------------------------------------------


Different number points are gained by defeating creatures and collecting treasures in the form of coins and money bags. ENERGY: This is displayed as a row of hearts on the bottom left of the screen. The number of hearts decreases as Gomez is hit. WEAPON ITEM IN POSSESSION: If you have a weapon or item in your possession, it is displayed in the window at the bottom center of the screen. WEAPON/POWER: This is shown as a bar at the bottom right of the screen. This decreases as Gomez uses the weapon or item in his possession. Each item has its own power; when all of that power is used, it cannot be reused until it is replenished by a power capsule.

--[Page 6]--------------------------------------------------------------------


Gomez must rescue all the members of his family from various locations withinthe Addams Family house and the surrounding grounds.You start outside the Addams Family house at the front door. You must workyour way around the house and the surrounding grounds of the family estate.You acquire various items along your route that will assist you throughout thegame. These will enable you to negotiate areas that previously appeared to beimpassable.The game is complete when Tully is defeated and all family members have beenrescued.

--[Page 7]--------------------------------------------------------------------

Potions Pugsley has left Gomez potions in certain areas of the map, to assist youduring the game. These are as follows:

WOLFMAN POTION: This transforms Gomez into a superhuman Wolfman. This enables him to travel more quickly and make large jumps while moving. FRANKIE POTION: This transforms Gomez into a "levelheaded" invincible character for 10 collisions with enemy creatures.

SEA MONSTER: This transforms Gomez into an amphibious creature that can swim under water.

DRAC POTION: This transforms Gomez into a flying Vampire. To fly, press BUTTON A repeatedly.These potions last until Gomez loses a life (except in the case of the seamonster).

--[Page 8]--------------------------------------------------------------------

Energy Hearts

These replenish Gomez's energy when collected. There are two types of hearts:

SMALL HEART: Increases Gomez's energy by one unit.

LARGE HEART: Increases Gomez's energy by two units.Power VialsThese replenish the power of the weapon/item Gomez is currently using. Toreplenish an item, select the item (by using select), then collect the vial.There are two types of power vial:

TEST TUBE: Increases item power by a small amount.

FLASK: Increases item power by a large amount.

--[Page 9]--------------------------------------------------------------------

PLAYING TIPS- Experiment with all the items to find out what they can do, because you will have to use the appropriate item to negotiate obstacles.- There are a few secret surprises hidden in the game - a foolish move may reveal a shortcut!- Certain weapons may defeat creatures more efficiently than others.- Certain baddies can be stunned by jumping on them; others need to be shot with weapons.

--[Page 10]-------------------------------------------------------------------


You start at the fornt door of the house. To the far left is the graveyard; tothe far right are the woods. If you push up in front of the front foor of thehouse, you will enter the house.The HouseYou enter the house on the ground floor. Use the staircase to move todifferent floors. In the basement there is an entrance to the boiler room, anda secret entrance that will only be revealed when Fester is overcome.

--[Page 11]-------------------------------------------------------------------

The Ground FloorThis is a hallway with stairs leading up and down.The First FloorThe Kitchen is located to the far right. The entrance to the ice box is here;to enter, stand in front of the fridge door and push up.The Second FloorTo the right, the armory is located. There are some items to be collectedhere.

--[Page 12]-------------------------------------------------------------------

The Third FloorTo the far left is the entrance to the river. The door to this is closed untilWednesday is rescued from the Graveyard.The Fourth FloorPugsley's room is located to the far right. The entrance to the toy box ishere. Stand on it and push up to enter. Also on this floor is the door to theattic. This will only open when four of the family memvers have been rescued.The GraveyardYou must make your way to the far left of the graveyard and enter the crypt.You will face a large guardian that must be overcome to rescue Wednesday. Toenter the crypt, push up. To defeat the guardian, shoot it a number of timesin a certain spot.

--[Page 13]-------------------------------------------------------------------

The WoodsThe woods are located to the right of the house. Make your way to the farright, using a certain item that you will obtain during the game when a particular member of the family has been rescued. The last tree stump on thefar right of the woods is the entrance to the beehive. Stand on top of thisstump and push down to enter. This level contains useful items to collect.The Boiler Room This level is a maze of pipes that you must negotiate in order to find the entrance to the room where a guardian is holding Granny captive. This guardian can only be overcome by attacking when he stops moving.

--[Page 14]-------------------------------------------------------------------

The Ice BoxThis is a slippery ice kingdom, in which you must make your way to the top right to collect a weapon to help you. You must negotiate icy cold pools ofwater - one of the items you have collected will help you.The RiverYou must swim to the far right of the level, avoiding fish and watching youroxygen level. At the end of this level is a door where Lurch is held captive.You must overcome a large guardian to save him. This guardian has only oneweak point that will flash when you hit the right place.

--[Page 15]-------------------------------------------------------------------The Toy BoxMake your way to the far right and down to reach the entrance to the guardian who is holding Pugsley captive. There are collapsing blocks that cannot bestood on for long and a secret short cut. If you find it, push up and you willenter a bonus room where you must collect coins for as long as possible. Theguardian holding Pugsley captive has only one weak spot that will flash, butbe warned - you need a lot of weapon power to defeat it.The AtticMake your way to the top of the level and out onto the roof to confront UncleFester. Using certain weapons, you must force Fester into the lightning anumber of times, so he can regain his memory and reveal the secret basementroom where Morticia is being held.

--[Page 16]-------------------------------------------------------------------

The DungeonsTo rescue Morticia, you must negotiate the dungeons. You will have to be careful of hidden traps to enter the room where you must facee Tully to savethe day.Torture ChamberHaving succesfully negotiated the dungeons, you must enter the torture chamberwhere you will face Tully. You must defeat him to rescue Morticia and completethe game!

--[Front of Cover]------------------------------------------------------------

LIMITED WARRANTYOcean of America, Inc. warrants to the original purchaser only that the cartridge provided with this manual and the software program coded on it will perform in accordance with the descriptions in this manual when used with the specified equipment, for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. If the program is found defective within 90 days of purchase, it will be replaced. Simply return the cartridge to Ocean of America, Inc. or its authorized dealer along with a dated proof of purchase. Replacement of the cartridge, free of charge to the original purchaser (except for the cost of returning thecartridge) is the full extent of our liability.THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER ORAL OR WRITTEN,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF MERCHANTIBILITYAND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, IF APPLICABLE, ARE LIMITED IN DURATIONTO 90 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE OF THIS PRODUCT.Ocean of America, Inc. shall not be liable for incidental and/or consequentialdamages for the breach of any express or implied warranty including damage toproperty and, to the extent permitted by law, damages for personal injury,even if Ocean of America, Inc. has been advised of the possibility of suchdamages or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.This warranty shall not be applicable to the extent than any provision of thiswarranty is prohibited by any federal, state or municipal law which cannot bepre-empted. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may alsohave other rights which vary from state to state.Ocean of America, Inc. 1855 O'Toole Ave., Suite D-102, San Jose, CA 95131.(408) 954-0201. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Ocean Logo]Ocean of America, Inc.1855 O'Tool Avenue, Suite D-102San Jose, California 95131TM & C 1991 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.THE ADDAMS FAMILY logo is a Trademark of Paramount Pictures.Ocean of America Authorized User.Printed in Japan. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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