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The Dreaded Infrared Port

Article written and donated by Arif Mondal.

You know there is no reason to have an infra port if no games support it.  It costs you a few bucks more and it doesn't do anything.  Last thing you want to do while your riding in a car trading Pokemon when a big bump hits it and you lose your connection and you'll have to restart all over again.   Not that it's bad, but it needs to have more games that support it.  I would love to trade stuff and things without a link cable.  It would save some bucks.   Well here is what Nintendo said about this.

"So far, only one game is scheduled to utilize the infrared port
on the Game Boy Color: NHL Blades of Steel.  The game is
scheduled to be released sometime during the first quarter of
the year, though release dates may change.

"Of course, when we get official release information on
upcoming Game Boy Color games, we post it to the Game
Boy Color Game List."


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