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Beastly Game Boy?
by Daniel Souers


Ladies and Gentleman....

    I would like to uncover the beast. A system so enhanced that all resistance will be futile.  It will rule the handheld domain and crush all competition.  Nothing can compete.  The so called modern hand helds will be pushed in the past.  It will demoralize  all who compete, and you will help complete our task.  This was the beginning of Game Boy.

    Yet still, competition rises.  And I hope it does.  If you don't have Comptition, then you have a monopoly.  I have supported Game Boy and have been faithful to it.  Yet, the question rises:  Am I doing the right thing?  

    However, the Competition is still there due to the different companies that produce games for Game Boy.  As, these companies battle for domination, Nintendo crushes other companies systems.  Sega was crushed by Nintendo some years back along with some smaller companies  who were claimed to have had a better system.  

    I question myself.  Why would I support a foreign system when an American system could be about the same?  The answer is a twisted one.  The survival of the fittest.  I want the best for my buck.  And Nintendo can give me that.  They are reliable, easily contacted, fair pricing, and you know they will stick around for a while.  That's why I bought a Game Boy instead of a Game Gear. 

    You may look at it differently, but I feel that the best should be put to the test.  Tell me what you think.   

    Email to    I will get back to you.  Thank you.


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