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Living In Color
(Game Boy!)


Not Really Here.

By Daniel Souers


"Hi,  how are you doing."   Ok, I really hate school.   Matter of fact, I despise school.  The only real reason I even attempt to stay alive  at school is to see my friends and cut up in class.  Below are five secrets of making the class room funnier.  I believe the teachers call it "interactive learning."  I call it fun.

School can get so boring.  To stay awake I have found a few secrets that I would like to share with you.  1) How about the traditional, playing drums on your desk while trying to get the rest of the class to join in.  2) I think I am the only one who does this one.  Figure out the best place to stash a bomb or maybe a place to sniper someone you really dislike. 3) If the above don't work for you, retreat to the plan of actually paying attention and asking stupid questions or answering smartly.  Be sure to do this with a serious face.  This one actually works!  4) My favorite is to make a sling shot out of a paper clip and a really thin rubber band.  For ammo, use staples.  They are harder to see than paper and they can stick into flesh if done right.  Famous last words.  "It only stings a little."  The funnest way to do this is to organize two teams.  BE SURE  TO ONLY SHOOT AT THE LEGS.  You would not want to put out an eye.  5) How about just  playing word bingo with a few friends.  If there is a word that the teacher uses often be sure to include that on the card.  The funniest part is when someone gets Bingo.   That person will have to say something, so that everyone playing will know that they have Bingo and the teacher still not know what is going on. 

Now there is no reason you should ever think that class is boring.  Well, Ok, I still hate school but at least it is more enjoyable now!  I hope you enjoyed this article.  Whatever you do, be cool enough not to get caught.  Remember, its only wrong if you get caught!!

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