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Living In Color
(Game Boy!)


School Conspiracy:

By Daniel Souers

    Hey, listen up.  I have noticed that the teachers are constantly feeding the students wrong information or useless information.  Is this a mere chance? No! and never think that again.  Don't think that the teachers are in on it or even the Administration.  It is strictly the government.  Have you noticed how most schools have a ROTC program.  Now, I am not sure about you but this makes me wonder. 

    You probably want to Know what there motives would be.  I am not quite certain, but I think that there motives would be to educate more kids into thinking how much fun the military is.  When they get you in the military then they make you believe you must trust the government so that you can't tell when the military slowly moves towards unpure motives.   Now the government does not want any resentment so they try to get as may people as possible to think that the government is your friend.

    Now to prove I am right.  Have you noticed how at first the government takes away automatic guns from the citizens.  Then they take away silencers and other weapons that could help to uprise against the government.  Well, pretty soon they will take away all out guns except BB guns.  Also, you Know how the Government announces a product to the people.  Well, the products have already been out for ten years.  Now,  that is something to worry about.  Take a good look at our president.  He breaks a bunch of laws then lies to the public about it and the papers read that his approval rate went up.  How the crap could that happen, unless..........the papers are in on it too.

    The government is slowly leading the citizens into a freedomless democracy.  What I have told you is true facts with  a  ton of my interpretation.  What ever you do, do not think that terrorists are for  a good cause.   They attack the people not the government.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a militia that would  be ready to uprise if my claims turned out to be true and to help defend America if a eviler organization came in. 

Just think about what I said and be careful.


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