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Duke Nukem


Duke Nukem Box
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Release Date: MID 1999


Description: Another Duke Nukem winner is coming out.  Except this time its Game Boy, and it only works on Game Boy Color.   You battle your way through 16 huge levels against an alien race called the Zorgonites that plan to take over the universe. The Zorgonites are collecting the best brains in the cosmos to power their sophisticated war machine. Duke's is taken as a prime canidate. Abducted and taken aboard a Zorgonite vessel, Duke has to find a way of stopping the Zorgonites from completing their mission, find a way back to Earth, and keep his brain!

You play Duke as a side scroller diving tanks and flying planes as you battle over 25 different types of aggressive, deformed and demented enemies.   Duke is not known just for his good looks.  You use machine guns, grenade launchers, rockets and flame throwers to make the Zorgonites see it your way.  So, "hail to the king baby!"


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