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Preview by: Jesse

Title: Dragon Warrior Monsters

Platform: Gameboy/Gameboy Color

Publisher: Eidos

Developer: Enix

Release Date: Winter 2000


Description: If you want to know something, I love RPGs. So when I heard that Eidos was bringing over Dragon Warrior Monsters to the US shores, I was ecstatic.

The game revolves around a little boy whos name is Terry. His sister was captured, and know its your job to go find her. In the same vein as Pokemon, you have to capture monsters. Except in Terry's case, he doesn't just wear them down and capture them, like Ash did in Pokemon. Nope. First you have to defeat the Monster, then hope that the Monster decides to join you.

There are more than seven different families from which the monsters come from. All together adding up to about 200 monster in the game itself. There is also the normal two player battle hook-up that we come to exspect in these catch/train/battle type games. But you can also link up with a freind and breed your monsters. If your looking for something that doesn't say Pokemon on the box but plays like it, then check this out when it hits US shores next Winter 2000.


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