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Color Protector

Remember, use protection!

Description:    This is a really cool rubber protector for Game Boy Color.  It protects it from drops on most angles.  It even protects the screen if you lay your Game Boy down on a flat surface.   The protector gives the game boy more of a grip that is needed.  It has all the holes in the right places and were it covers up writing on the game boy, it is written on it.   Not to mention it looks pretty smooth.  It has a strap that you can put around your neck to hold the game boy in nonplay.   It was a hit as soon as I got it.   I bought it for 7.99. 

Grips:  I really don't have many grips.  The only thing that I have to grip about is the high price and how the rubber part seems to smugg the screen a bit.  Thats not too bad for a product that has a bunch of plusses.

Final Thoughts: If you are prone to were and tear on your Game Boy Color, this is the  product for you.  It might look dorky walking around with a Game Boy straped to you, but at least its not broken.

Rating: I will have to give this product a 90% because it works great, but it is not a must have type product.


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