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Donkey Land 3:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  In-depth game like the rest of the Donkey Kong games.  A side scroller.  The game is really fun and is worth replaying time and time again.  The game is pretty long.  I think this is enough said for this section.

Player mode:  one player only.

Graphics:  Wonderful.  However, the rumors about all the Donkey Kong series being full color capable is not true.  The graphics do stand out.   I think they rank up there with Wario Land.  Hmm, didn't I see that bush and that tree.  The snow looks similar.  Wow, I think I have been here.  No, it is a new level.  The graphics do repeat themselves a lot. 

Sound:  The sound is average yet not as annoying as some games.  I chose to turn off the sound when I play. The bong sound when you jump on a enemies head grows old real fast.

Saving:  Three slots.  My brother cleared my game.  No, I was so far.  That is one of the things that really gets on your nerves.

Rating:   80%


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