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Review on Double Dragon 3:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  This game is a side scroller that allows you to move up and down to avoid the enemy.  It may not be very complex but can become very trying at times.  Double Dragon 3 was my second game I received for my original Game Boy.  Its a game not for everyone.

Player mode: two player option

Challenge:  There defiantly is a challenge in this game. However, the challenge may not be how it is designed.   A limit of lives and the ineffective weapons decrease the value. (Haven't they heard of a gun?)    I am at a point in the game where I don't know what to do.  May be you can figure which way to walk on this quilt looking thing, that if you step on the wrong block you die.  I used to sit through a bunch of choir sections for my sister and finally worked my way up to this point and got stuck.  Of course,  I am just an average player.

Graphics:  Basic graphics.  The graphics don't compare with Wario Land or Turok.  The color Game Boy still doesn't add much to the graphics except it may be seen a little better.  If you like this type of game, the graphics won't bother you too much.

Sound:  Beep bop beep. pusht phisht. That might give you the best description.  The game has a option of turning off the music and just hearing the punching sounds which is pretty neat.

Saving: none-you do need this feature

Rating: 40%


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