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Duke Nukem

Published by GT Interactive

Reviewed by Jesse


Description:  If you didn't know already, Duke Nukem originaly started out on the PC as a sidescroller. So actually this game brings the Duke back to home territory. And excels at doing it too! Its easily, hands-down my favorite platform/shooter on the Gameboy yet. Especially with abilities to ride in a tank, or an airplane. But I only wish that Torus Games put more levels in there with tank and airplane riding. The controls are dead on with the ability to hang of ledges, eight way d-pad movement. You can tell that the developers of this game paid close attention to this area, and did a very good job at it. Definitly a plus for this game!

Player mode:Only a one player game. Would have been even better with at least a two player deathmatch option.

Challenge: Adjustable; But if there was a downside to this game, it would have to be that its a tad bit easy.

Graphics:  Some of the best graphics I've ever seen on the Gameboy Color. Very colorful and nice explosion effects. Also the small cut scenes add alot to the game, and are just as colorful, if not more, as the game. The animation of Duke himself is fluid, and somewhat realistic in movement. There is obviously though some slow down if there are to many characters on screen at once, but not as bad as it should be graphics like these. There are also little animations of a bad guy's bodies exploding with guts and all flinging all over the place, and if you fall far enough you will splatter to the ground like a pancake. Very nice!

Sound:  Cool weapon sound effects, explosions, etc. Lots of little detailed little sounds, like when you reload you sawed off shotgun, it makes the appropriate sound for that gun. Good music, but not worth remembering.

Saving: Eight save slots! WOW! The only problem is you have to beat the board your on to be able to save. But not a problem since the game is a little easy anyway.

Rating: Shooting and action fans, listen up, this game should be in your library already. All other gamers looking for some good, wholesome fun, take a look at it. Who knows, you might just like it?


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