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Why did the frog cross the road?
I don't know he got run over by a car before I could ask.

By Majesco Sales Inc.
For Gameboy and Gameboy Color
Reviewed by Karen,
GB Online Staff.

	Who would have thought that such a simple game could be so damn
ADDICTIVE? All you have to do is get five frogs across five lanes of traffic
and a river to get to the next level. 
	Well, it isn't as easy as it seems. It's a pretty basic game, but fun. It 
displays ten colors or four shades of gray (depends whether you have a regular 
GB or a GBC). As far as I know, it doesn't have an ending. On the other hand, 
I can't get past level 6. 
	Anyway, the most annoying thing is that you can't save your high score after  you
turn off the gameboy. 
Over all Rating: 80%

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