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Game Boy Color:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:   Went on sale November 23rd in all of North America.  It was offered as an affordable, efficient,handheld system for the first time ever.  If you think the old Game Boy was good then you will love this one.

Technical Sheet:

Game Boy Color Game Boy
Screen Color 56 4
Total Palette 32,768 4
CPU Speed 2.1Mhz 1.05Mhz
Work RAM 32k bytes 8k bytes
Video RAM 16k bytes 8k bytes
Serial Communications Rate Up to 512k bit/sec 8k bit/sec
ROM sizes: Up to 64 Megabits Up to 8 Megabits

Over all rating:  I loved the regular   Game Boy except for the fact that the games were not in color.  Well, as you can see from the chart the Game Boy just got better.  Not to mention the Game Boy Color can play all exsisting Game Boy games.  This is a must get.   I give it 100%.


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