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Harvest Moon
By Natsume
GB and GBC compatible   

Reviewed by Karen,
GB Online Staff.

Harvest Moon is a farming simulation game. It's different from any other game on gameboy, with graphics similar to Links Awakening. Your job is to take over an abandoned farm and bring it back to prosperity. It's hard, but it's fun. If you have any Sim City games for your PC, it's sort of like that.   

I don't like fighting games, and most racing games, so this game was perfect for me. You can buy cows, chickens, seeds, tools, and food. Also, there is a series of caves beneath the tool shed, and if you befriend thetrolls that live there, they'll help you out.    

This game requires thinking ahead, good business sense, and patience. You have to plan what you're doing or you'll fail miserably. It's not a game for idiots.

Over All Rating: 100%

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