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James Bond 007:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description: A game that takes on about the same structure as Legend of Zelda.  The game is pretty long and may get tricky at times.  This is a game that you either love it or hate it.  James Bond fans dig this game.

Player mode: One player.

Challenge:  The challenge is there.  I think the challenge is perfect.  You won't get bored to death with this game and if you get stuck anyone can help you.  Many people think the game is too easy and that the game lacks depth.  Of course their comparing the game to Zelda which is well know for its depth and long  lasting fun.  I seem to enjoy this game better because Zelda is extremely difficult for the norm player unless given tons of time.  I don't have that much time and would rather play a large range of games.  But, James Bond is a game directed at the average player.  I found that if you beat the game without help it can be funnier.  However, don't make the game a burden if you get stuck.

Graphics: The graphics are not so grand, but the game play is what make this game.  The graphics are not so bad that you can't tell what is what but objects and people look the same.

Sound: Average sound.  Not too annoying.  It does play the Bond theme song.  The coolest sound is the whoosh sound the machete makes when you swing it.

Saving:  Three slots.

Rating: 60%  Note: The graphics brought down the rating.


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