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Light Madness:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description: This product will magnify your screen and also light it up for late hours into the night.  This is not the only one that has been released in North America, but it still is a nice set up.  The plastic feels pretty strong. If you get any of the others, they might be about the same.   I am just saying that this product is well made and is worth the ten bucks I paid for it.  It comes in all shades that the gameboy comes in.

Grief:  When you put it on,  it looks as if It might scratch the screen.  I have not seen any scratches that it has made, yet it still worries me.

Over all:  I think the price is reasonable considering how well the product was made and how sturdy the product is.  

Rating: I give this product a 89%; because it could have been designed better.


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