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Lock n' Chase:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  "Neat!"  I mummered to myself.  I had bought this game from a friend of mine for 5 bucks.  I played the game over and over.  Its kind of like Pack Man except with cops that chase you around.  A neat little feature is how you can lock the cops up.(you can also lock or trap yourself, ouch!)   A favorite to all Pack Man fans.  The game has a lot of replay value until you have all the stages memorized.  I sold my copy because I had lost interest in this type of game, but it was fun for a couple years.

Player mode: One player only.

Challenge:  Tricky but not too hard.  You get the option of either continuing or starting over every time you die.  You try to get as many points as possible.  I just tryed to complete the game.  Its long.  It gets more complex as you move up the levels.

Graphics:  Average.   What do you expect from a pack man type game?

Sound: beep bop beep.  Songs get annoying.

Saving: none.  You don't really have to have this feature.

Rating: 51%  Note: not my cup of tea.


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