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Mega Man 2:

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  This game is hard.  I like the game, but it is too hard for me to get anywhere.  I think any person should try the game before he or she buys it.  Everyone has a different opinion about this game.  I just had to buy the game after hearing how great the Mega Man series was.  So I found the game at a local discount store and bought it.  I played about a half hour and grew to dispise the game.  Is this the Mega Man everyone was talking about?  I don't like to not be able to get some were in the first level.  Now I

Player mode: One player only.

Challenge: Too hard for my likes.  If those dang things wouldn't hurt me or if I could kill them, I would like the game more.

Graphics: Ok. No color features.  Its nothing to jump in the air for.

Sound: beep beep. average.

Saving: password(put dots in the squares)

Rating:   Average player  3 out of ten          Skilled player(or player with a lot of time)-   60%


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