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The Amazing Spider Man

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  A game designed for every Spider Man fan.  I am not much of a Spider Man fan, but I seem to love this game. Graphics and sound may turn away some players, but the plot and game play really shows up some of the other Marvel Comic's games.  I got this game for $2.50 and think its worth $10.  I wouldn't buy it more then that.

Player mode: One player only.

Challenge:  The game starts out easy but gets harder when you have to jump from ledge to ledge.  I wouldn't buy this game If I were one to think that Zelda's easy.  

Graphics:  Spider Man looks as If he has a hump in his back.  The graphics look like the normal crap graphics that were used for the old technology games.

Sound: the norm for a old game.  I mean, do you expect Game Boy Color's sound for a old game?  I just have two words.  Beep Beep

Saving: None.

Rating: 56.3%     If you have a choice for a newer game, get it.   


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