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Turok 1: Battle of the Binosaurs

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:   Run, jump, shoot.  Run, jump, shoot.   Cool weapons.  Good graphics.  Lasting fun.   It is hard to jump from ledge to ledge at first.  Fun game.   The little guy looks really cool when he shoots his bow and arrow.  Whoosh.   You can choose from a bunch of weapons that you pick up allong the way.  It is really neat. 

Player Mode: One player only.

Challenge:  It can get difficult at times, but it never gets too difficult.  You have to think about which weapon would be the best on each enemy, while you try to conserve your weapons for the harder guys. 

Graphics: Pretty good and even better on Game Boy Color.

Sound: Cool shooting sounds.  However they seem to sound the same.  The music only get annoying when you play the same level over and over.  Nothing a little volume control can't solve.

Saving: Password, the passwords are too long.  But, it was a good idea.

Rating: I give it a 89% because the new Turok has better graphics, but before I played the new one I would have given it a higher rating. 


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