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Turok 2: Seed of Evil

Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description:  Run, jump, shoot.  Color enhancements.  This game has a code that you can select which stage you want to play which is pretty cool.  Just like Turok with

Player mode: One player only.

Challenge:  Wonderfully done.  Its not too hard and does not lack a good fight.  For those that can't seem to beat it, cheats are advalible.  This game is like Turok yet better.  However, some of the levels are dumb.(first one and the boat one)   Thanks to a password you get you change to any level.

Graphics:  Look really bright and crisp on Color.   They don't even look that bad on regular Game Boy.  Wow! to think the future games will put this one in the dirt.

Sound:  The sound does not even get annoying.  I love this game more and more.

Saving: Password

Rating: 92%


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