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Reviewed by Daniel Souers


Description: Looney Toons is at it again.  What the crap, this game is so hard to control and is not even any fun what a waste of money.   If you like Looney toons and don't mind a horrible control of a game then you might like it.   The only reason I got this game was because I had first got my color game boy and wanted a game with good graphics.   Well, I got good graphics but the game is dumb.  They use the Looney Toon characters to sell this game.  I stongly recommend not to waste you money on this game.

Player Mode: One player only.

Challenge:  Dang its hard.  But it is stupid hard. I like a game that is challenging, but not one that is hard in a way that you get mad because you thought that you went this way and the computer makes you go the other. How dumb.  You use pellows, chairs, and other poorly drawn stuff to help you get past the obsticals.  Be sure not to run into granny or the dog.  Yey!  I wasted my money on this stupid peice of junk.

Graphics: Great Graphics in most scenes.  One thing that I have to give to it.

Sound:  Nice.  A real classy setup.

Saving: Password.

Rating: 44% note: the only reason it got such a high rating was because it has nice graphics.


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