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Legend of Zelda 4: "Link's Awakening" DX
Game by Nintendo 1998
Review by Philip Wesley

Description: Legend of Zelda DX is a "perfect" version of the original game
and has a new dungeon, a new "picture store", and full color. This is the
fourth game in the prestigious Legend of Zelda series. It involves the hero
of Link to the Past embarking on a journey to strengthen his mind and body.
(Think Goku in Dragon Ball Z and his journey to Namek in that 100G training.)
Anyways, on the way back home to Hyrule; our hero is beset upon by a wicked
storm that causes his boat to sink. He blacks out and is awakened by Zelda's

But it isn't Zelda at all! It is a girl named Marin who found Link washed up
on the beach and she informs Link that he is on "Koholint Island". Link goes
to find his sword and is approached by an owl that informs Link that there is
no way to leave the island without waking the "Wind Fish" that sleeps in the
egg on top of Tamaranch Mountain.

This game was excellent the first time around and this version looks to be
the best of all! It has an emphasis on puzzles, and exploration. The game
features lovable characters, humor, and drama as well. Very cool.

Player mode: 1 Player

Challenge: Medium

Graphics: The graphics make good work of the Gameboy Color's capabilities.
The new graphics that have been added are clear and make the game look like a
SNES game. Excellent full color anime cinema scenes, very cool looking
dungeons, and excellent visual effects. The ending cinema scenes are better
looking than the old cartoon.

Sound: The game has amazing music and lots of nice remixes of the music we
know and love. Legend of Zelda fanatics will feel right at home knowing that
this game was made for them.

Saving: You can save anywhere; and there are 3 save spots for you to use.

Rating: The game is awesome and is an excellent title to own. Get it now. The
game features Gameboy Printer capability as well. If you own a GBC you NEED
to have a copy of this game. I give it 100%.

The coolest known code: Missiles: Get the Bombs and the Bow. Place the Bow in
one button; and the Bombs in the other. (Make sure you have at least one
arrow and bomb.) Push both buttons at once to throw a missile.

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