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I hope you can learn from the questions below.  If you continue to have questions,  you are more than welcome to contact me.  I will try to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.  Enjoy my sight.

Q: Can I help?

    A: Yes, send in you news, reviews, cheats, neat stuff,  release info, links, and use the message board. If you would like to be join the crew, then click here for info.

Q: I sent in the stuff you wanted how come you did not post it? 

   A: I'm sorry. I must be in the gym right now.

Q: I don't like your web site what can I do to make you mad?

    A: I love people like you.  Join my staff.

Q: Do I Know you?

    A: If you knew me you would remember me.  I leave a lasting impression.  I am not like the rest who "fit in."

Q: I love your site so much that I would like to give you this large sum of money.  How can I give it to you?

    A: Email me. There I will give you my address, and you can give me yours.

Q: What is in the future of this site?

    A:  Well I am going to add tons of junk related to GameBoy and just neat stuff.   I will then try to gather some sort of staff and  leave the net to everyone else.  I must get on with my life of becoming a jedi.  Ok, that was stupid.   Anyway, I can't live my who life virtually.  Well, maybe I could, but I would loose my perfect body. ;)

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