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Staff Information:

Daniel Souers
After starting the game boy site some time ago, I would like to
retire from the game boy world and pass the site on to another
work frenzied person.

She is one of the reason that GB Online is still here.  She writes
game reviews and other stuff for the site.

Laura Walsh
She has joined GB Online and writes anything that is needed to make
the site a success.  She is the other reason we are still here.

Derek Basford
He joined GB Online and is turning the site around from a small time
site to a huge deal.  He writes anything that will make this site hop.


My name is Daniel Souers.  I started this site because I was bored.  It turned out to be a very fun thing to do.  However, it is a little time consuming.  I learned a ton about web sites.  I think now I would like to pass this  site on to some one else. 

I don't have the time anymore to update the site.   If you would like to take over, please email me today.  You can work with the other great staff members that have started to make this site a success. 

Daniel Souers


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