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Are you a winner?

Find out by taking our GameBoy Online quiz.

1 When you lose you....
   A.  cry.
   B.  try again and srug it off as just a game.
   C.  go crazy and want to kill everthing in sight.

2 If you get a better score than someone else you....
   A.  keep it to yourself.
   B.  brag to everyone.
   C.  laugh at all the losers that stink at the game.

3 When you play a game you....
   A.  dance around like a moron.
   B.  pretend you are the chatacter hitting everyone around you.
   C.  sit there and just play like a normal person. 

4 You play games because you...
   A.  like to.
   B.  think you are in training of becoming a hero.
   C.  you have no friends besides your games.

5 A new game means to you....
   A.  that you have a new friend.
   B.  that you can try to beat something new.
   C.  that they are out to get you with this new game.

6 You think the reason that they made GameBoy was to....
   A.  make money.
   B.  train all the virtual soldiers like you.
   C.  be nice to all the people. 

7 You chose a game for GameBoy based on....
   A.  the cover.
   B.  advertisments only.
   C.  reviews, advertisments, and other sources.

8 Your favorite Gameboy website is....
   A.  GameBoy Online.
   B.  Some stupid liberal GameBoy site.
   C.  A cheesy GameBoy site that doesn't have our link.

Your a winner if you chose these letters...
1.B      4.A        7.A
2.A      5.B        8.A
3.C      6.A

If you chose a few wrong...
Its alright to be a loser.  Just kidding.  You still have potential.   Work on your faults. 

If you chose a bunch wrong...
Good luck in life.  If you need some counciling, email me.


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