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Its weird!  Its scary!  Its GameBoy Twisted!

Hey check out what we are going to do.  We are giving you a sample of this section thats going to shake the Game Boy Community from what it currently is.  This is going to be a section to entertain you to the fullest while you are not chilling with your Game Boy.  The best part is that you can send in your ideas on what this section should be like and give us your weird stuff to post here.  Send them here.
Austinpower.jpg (18525 bytes) This is Austin Powers the game.  Shagging the World.  "No wait, I have never heard of that game.  Wow, I beat its awsome.  If it was true." 

Your right, it doesn't exsit.  I made the cover of what it would look like if it did though.  Maybe, this will inspire Nintendo to make a game like it. 

This is just an example of what you will see here.   So, check back.  It will be the best.  It will be "GROOVY BABY!"   Uh, yeah.


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