Demiforce Interview:
Here is an interview we managed to obtain with Demiforce, an independent Game Boy game designer who recently completed DryMouth.  So, check it out.  If you are interested in this game, contact the designer.


Here are a few cool pics from the game.

Here is Level 6.

Here is level 8.  Every level is different.

GB Online: So, Demiforce is currently looking for a company to publish its recently completed Game Boy Color game called DryMouth.  Can you tell us what this name "DryMouth" means?

Demiforce: It means you have a dry mouth. usually from heavy drinking or that sort of thing. also sometimes you'll see on those new perscription commercials "symptoms may include nausea, fever, and dry mouth". that's it too.

GB Online: And, what exactly is DryMouth all about?

Demiforce: Oh it's a cool little game, running along the traditional nonogram puzzle interface, like mario's picross, but with more of an upbeat feel to it. Your goal is to punch out squares to reveal a pattern that forms a picture. The numbers on the top and side of the squares drop hints about which squares you should punch out, and which you shouldn't. Then there's your tradtional bonus meter, items, enemies, etc.

GB Online: Looking at the sample shots, it seems as if this game would have consumed a ton of time.  How long did it take to produce?  Did you ever think of giving up?

Demiforce: Heh, thanks. when I started out, it was me on art and another guy on programming. Things didn't go so well with him, and I had to cancel his act around mid October. the kicker was, he refused to give up his source code! so i had to recode the entire thing from scratch. that was a tough time, the only really tough time, but I pulled through.. all in all I'd say it's taken three months for the art, and three months for the coding. It is a relatively long time, yea, but it's just me right now working on this, no dev crew or anything.

GB Online: The backgrounds of the games seem to be wild and colorful.  Will all these colors show up when the game is converted onto Game Boy Color?

Demiforce: Oh yeah! definitely! I designed em using the real thing. They don't look right on emulated screens, actually. too sharp.

GB Online: Even the pause screens are original in their own way.  What or who gave you the idea of making this game?

Demiforce:  It's just my nature to draw like this. A lot more games would come out this way, but are held back because of developers aiming towards a common goal. with me, I had complete control over everything, so things were perfected to my own styles with noone to answer to. Remember the old game shadow of the beast? It was developed at a time when psygnosis was fresh off the amiga scene, when they still had their fire in them. Unsure of their future, the guys were forced to give their all to make their game shine among the big boys. You could tell the guys just went wild, pitting their wildest creations against the establishment. I'm not trying to compare drymouth to a masterpeice like beast, but we are on common ground.

GB Online:  Does this game have any secret levels or codes that might interest the Game Boy fans?

Demiforce: Ahahahahahah yea, of course dude!

GB Online:  What are Demiforce's plans in getting this game published, and have you had any offers to publish your game?

Demiforce: It's been tough, since it's a puzzle game. America's really not going for this kind of stuff right now, which is why i decided to give it a sort of action game spin, with the enemies and items and such, to dissuade the big wigs and public from the common puzzle stereotypes - slow and monotonous.

GB Online:  Is Demiforce in the process of making any other games for Game Boy?

Demiforce: Yeah. I do freelance stuff all the time. As for other solo projects, I have one really great one in the making, but I decided to hold off until the next gameboy is released, since I wouldn't be done with it till it's released anyhow.

GB Online:  And just one last question, does your mother approve of your game?

Demiforce: Yeah, she loves billy.